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Computers have brought great changes to our world.  Sometimes we're not even aware of these changes as they are happening, and it's only later, as we look back, that we realize that while creating whole new ways of doing things we've also created whole new issues and concerns. One example of this is the personal information of our students, and how it's used and stored by the school district.

Historically this information was created and stored locally by school districts.  This information consisted of typed or written documents stored in filing cabinents in school offices.  Nobody but the local school district had access to this information.  Then computers and the internet came along, and the procedures evolved.  Information is now stored in computer files, and is stored by internet companies on the internet up in the "cloud".  Other people now have access to student's information.  We are only now fully realizing the possible ramifications of this data residing on someone else's computer.

The purpose of this webpage is to provide resources to you to help you understand this issue and how it impacts, or could impact, your child or children.

For a good, in-depth, explaination and examination of this new world with it's potential threats and abuses to the privacy of student's data you can click here or on the link to the left that will direct you to a web page published by the United State's Department of Education which introduces and discusses issues surrounding student data privacy.

To see the Colorado Department of Education's perspective on Student Data Privacy please click here or on the link to the left.

To see all the personal data that is collected by the Colorado Department of Education click here or on the link to the left.

To see the privacy policies of all the online programs used by the school district to which the district sends personal student data you can click here or on the link to the left.

To view the official local school board policies regarding private student data, and the options you, as a parent, have to question or challenge the way your child or children's data is used by the district please click here or click on the link to the left.