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State Testing

Important Announcement:

In May, 2015, House Bill 15-1323 updated Colorado Revised Statute (CRS) 22-7-1013 requiring School Districts to “implement a written policy and procedure by which a student’s parent may excuse the student from participating in one or more of the state assessments administered pursuant to section 22-7-1006.3.”

In accordance with CRS 22-7-1013, District Policies IKA, IKA-R, IKA-E-1, IKA-E-2, and the state assessments defined in CRS 22-7-1006.3, parents may submit a form to request exemption from one or more state assessments.  Forms are available at the front office, and from the link directly below, and should be submitted as soon as possible to the building principal.  The exemptions will be valid for the current school year, and must be submitted to the front office every school year.